Welcome to Walrus Mustache Co HQ!


Thanks for coming by!  We’re thrilled to present our first product, Walrus Wax.  We saw there was a hole in the mustache wax supply; high quality vegan mustache wax.  So we worked to find ways to adapt non animal-derived products to provide better performance than your run of the mill beeswax + vaseline goop.  And here it is.

What’s inside the Walrus Wax tin:

We use only the highest quality vegan ingredients: not the cheapest, not the easiest to work with, the best.  We balanced hold and ease of application so you can apply it quickly and on the go without using a blow drier to soften the wax.  Nourish and style your whiskers with the best vegan wax money can buy.

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There’s always something new coming!


-John & Brian

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